A Partial List of Cynthia's Educational
and Community Presentations, Talks and Seminars

Teaching Children About Death: A Counselor’s Guide-Feb 2007
Positive Thinking: Change for Success-May 2007 
Effective Communication in Conflict Resolution-April 2008
How to Overcome Temporary Setbacks and Make Your Dreams
 a Reality July 2008
Changing Thinking to Make Changes-Jan 2009
Conflict Resolution: The Teachers Guide-April 2009
Bullying and Conflict Resolution: How Educators Can Help-Sept 2009
The Multicultural Competent Educator-Oct 2011
Mental Health Awareness for Everyday People-March 2012 
Effective Communication to Increase Student Achievement-Apr 2012

Cynthia is available for presentations, talks and seminars. For more information email contact@cynthiarapazzini.com.

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